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CoolSculpting: The Facts Behind The Fat Freezing Trend

July 16, 2019 | BY Debra Pivko

So many of us are hoping to look our best in our swimsuits, especially after losing that weight you worked so hard to lose or that pouch that hasn’t disappeared after 4 days a week working it out in the gym. From genetics, lifestyle choices, baby weight or in some cases (including myself) losing an excess amount of weight, we may be a candidate for a highly rated non-surgical body contouring procedure to fix those pesky areas and look as good as we feel from CoolSculpting. Just like the molding of clay CoolSculpting allows us to create reasonable curves and shape that we find ideal for our bodies. With a hefty price of $2,000-$4,000 which varies between the areas that need to be treated, some patients just aren’t sure if the procedure is worth the price tag and if they’re ready to commit. Read on and let us answer some of your questions and see if this FDA approved procedure is right for you?

So what exactly is CoolSculpting? Nonsurgical Body Contouring and Cryolipolysis are other names for CoolSculpting. A non-invasive procedure performed by doctors and certified professionals, CoolSculpting is a great option for those that are close to their goal weight and would like to pinpoint those problem areas. Using a special tool, this treatment freezes the fat cells then excreted through the liver as fat cells are broken down and destroyed eventually make their way out the body throughout the next few weeks. What makes CoolSculpting more appealing to patients is the fact although the procedure can freeze away the fat cells, there is no need to worry about the surrounding areas being affected.

There are nine different areas that have been approved including bra fat, flanks, upper arm, under chin, jawline, outside thigh, inner thigh, banana roll, and the abdomen.

What should you expect? Once you’ve had your informative consultation with a certified professional it’s time for your procedure. A pad of clear gel is created as a barrier between the treated area and the cooling panel. As it adheres to the patient’s body, the patient may feel some discomfort and a slight suction sensation. Patients have reported feeling tingling, tugging, pinching, cramping and aching which will subside during the treatment as the area becomes numb and the panel is detached. Sessions last approximately 35-60 mins repeating several weeks apart between sessions and the number of sessions will be discussed with your doctor depending on the areas to be treated. Once your first session is completed you will need to be aware that results are typically not immediate and several sessions are suggested to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment. Many are able to visibly see results after three weeks while most people will see the best results after one to three months following the fat freezing sessions.

Can you lose weight after CoolSculpting? One misconception about CoolSculpting is the idea that following the treatment a patient will experience weight loss. The procedure uses controlled freezing to target and eliminate the fat cells which allows for those cells to never return. The areas that are being treated will see 20%-25% of those fat cells diminished. Although weight will not be lost, you will see an improvement in your body’s shape making it appear slimmer and for some, more tone.

Results and patient experience may vary.

What are the risks and do I qualify? Like everything, there are possibilities of side effects occurring. The side effects that are more likely to occur to the treatment site are temporary swelling, redness, bruising and firmness. In the unlikely occurrence of a serious side effect Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia, a hardened area of fat that develops that localizes in an area have been reported with men being at a greater risk. For those interested in seeing if they qualify for CoolSculpting, you must be healthy with no serious health issues including allergies and sensitivities, recent surgeries, pre-existing hernias should review any medications and medical history with their doctor before having the treatment performed.

CoolSculpt vs. Liposuction…what’s the difference?

COOLSCULPTING                                          LIPOSUCTION

1) Permanently removes fat                          1) Permanently removes fat

2) Eliminates up to 25% fat cells                   2) Can remove up to 11 lbs of fat

3) Doctor or certified professionals               3) Surgical team and local anesthetic

4) Minor side effects                                      4) More serious side effects

5) No recovery time                                       5) 2-4 weeks before strenuous activity

6) Outpatient                                                  6) Outpatient unless complications

7) See results in a few weeks                        7) Results after a few months

8) $2,000-$4,000                                           8) $3,500

9) Non-invasive                                             9) Small incisions are created

Although CoolSculpting isn’t a quick fix, many find after having the treatment done they’re more motivated to watch what they eat and stay active. For those who are looking to fit in their jeans without wanting to keep a healthy lifestyle will find that their results won’t last as long as they should as they’re still able to gain weight in the treated areas as the cells that were left behind expand. If you’re ready to commit to a healthy and active lifestyle improving not only your health but also the way you’ll look in your favorite outfit, then do your research and find an office near you and schedule your consultation today. And as CoolSculpt would say, ‘Are you interested in taking the (cold) plunge?’

Have you had experience with CoolSculpting? Let us know, we’d love to hear your experiences!

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