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5 Bizarre Skin Care Trends

January 22, 2019 | BY Stephanie George

If the world hasn’t become crazy enough as we hide our laundry detergent from teens or the fact warning labels have to be slapped onto everything since common sense is long gone, and then we have the ever so bizarre skin care trends... Here are some of my favorite of these interesting treatments that have made their way across the globe in search of healthier, vibrant looking skin. These may not be the most traditional types of treatments, but reviews say otherwise…


Once I’ve learned about this incredibly bizarre skin care trend that is still around, I had to wonder who in the world first decided to try bird droppings on their skin…I’ve heard of a lot, but this was a new one! Many years ago, in Japan, people had begun using the droppings of nightingales in order to clear their skin of any discoloration and markings and to treat blemishes. Wondering how this is sterile? No need to worry, the bird poo is first sanitized with UV light.




Escargot isn’t just a delicacy anymore…it’s showing up in spas and in people’s homes as a way to achieve healthier looking skin. Snails are being used to cure acne and leave one with soft and smooth skin. As the snails begin to crawl across a person’s face it leaves their trail of mucus which contains hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and proteins.





Here’s another facial procedure that makes me wonder why someone would think it’s a good idea to try using this on their face! People have begun mixing fresh (thank goodness!) kitty litter with water claiming it works similar to a clay mask but without the price tag. This cheap alternative has been used to sooth and exfoliate the skin but with the pieces of kitty litter having sharper edges you run a risk of abrasions and even infection. Spend the couple extra bucks and buy proper exfoliating products and facial masks!





People all over have found that the use of leeches on their skin, not just their faces leaves them feeling healthy and revitalized. There are many that use leech therapy to help in healing wounds, even those left after surgeries as well as to rejuvenate the body purifying the blood. Many physicians back up the studies and include this treatment in their offices.

RED WINE SOAK. We all know that red wine is packed with many antioxidants and health benefits due to the skin of the grapes that have a concentration of polyphenols and resveratrol. Many claim that adding cups of red wine to their bath moisturizes as well as help the skin by increasing cell renewal. I’ll stick to receiving my antioxidants the good ol’ fashion way, one glass at a time!



Many search for the fountain of youth, the magic pill, that ‘forever young’ look but this protein packed facial has people seeing red. These vampire like facials are only performed by physicians as it is impossible to perform at home (but also, why would you want to?). The patient’s blood is drawn and then spun to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. In a purified form, the plasma is injected into the face of the donor leaving patients with a smoother more youthful appearance. Skin appears to glow and look tighter as a natural, nonsurgical looking face lift.



Out of all the new and bizarre skin care treatments listed the Vampire Facials seems to have the most praise from both Physicians and patients. The microneedling injections both work in tightening the skin while also improving skin’s texture and tone. With the body naturally forming new tissue with this facial, you will find an improvement in about one or two months but the results tend to be long lasting…at least a year! Results may vary.

When it comes to beauty, we tend to want to try it all or at least hear about someone trying a new anti-aging treatment hoping to erase signs of age. Just like any other new innovation, make sure to seek the approval of a professional who should first perform an allergy test before trying anything new. So go ahead, try something new…your skin may just like it!


About the author:

Stephanie Ivonne is a freelance writer and Licensed Esthetician and mother of 2.  She spends majority of her free time with her family and friends.  When she is not learning about Beauty and Wellness, Stephanie is a Florida girl and loves spending time doing Yoga, running 10ks, Snorkeling and her absolute favorite, Disney!

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