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Beauty Tips from Dawn Gallagher: Author, Model + Natural Beauty Expert

September 10, 2019 | BY Debra Pivko

If you love Dawn, or even if you haven’t yet heard of her, you’re in for a special treat with this special video she made just for us—because she loves goPure.

This accomplished author and beauty and wellness expert is best known as the author of Naturally Beautiful: Earth's Secrets and Recipes for Skin, Body and Spirit and Nature' s Beauty Secrets: Recipes for Beauty Treatments From The World's Best Spas. Her successful career in the fashion and beauty business enabled her to travel extensively, research indigenous beauty and wellness regimes and gain tremendous insight into the secrets and well-being of women from around the world.

She played a feature role on the powerful award-winning documentary Beauty Mark where she was interviewed for her insight on beauty and healthy self-esteem.

Dawn even has certifications in Aromatherapy and Holistic Healing, she’s a host on WebMD's Spa Escapes, and appears as a regular guest as a beauty/spa expert on QVC. Throughout her career as a fashion model, she was featured in hundreds of popular magazines including Vogue, Italian Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. And she was featured in newspapers, radio, commercials and television shows discussing her views on fashion and beauty from The Today Show, Martha Stewart to Good Morning America.

From Vogue Model to Role Model, Dawn believes in using the fashion and beauty industry to help others and today she’s here to share her wealth of knowledge, beauty secrets, and goPure routine with us!

In this video, Dawn gives you her top anti-aging beauty tips of all time for looking young and vibrant, shares why she loves goPure and how she uses the products, reveals her views on aging (along with a pic from age 18), and why she is pro-aging!

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Drink Your Water First Thing In The Morning.

Her top anti-aging beauty regimen tip is on how does she hydrate her skin and make it appear less dry? Keeping hydrated works to replenish the collagen and moisture that is lost as we age so it’ all about replenishing that collagen and staying hydrated. When Dawn starts her day she begins by drinking a big glass of water after waking up flushing toxins from the body, getting her metabolism going as well as stay hydrated.




Wash Your Face Properly Before Applying Products. 

She begins by using goPure’s gentle Vitamin C Cleanser in her daily regimen. When thoroughly cleansing her face properly, she removes impurities that stay on the skin and clog pores allowing for better absorption of your products for the best results.

Use your goPure Hydrating Toner. After carefully washing her face and patting it dry, Dawn then adds the Hydrating Toner. She begins by applying a couple pumps to her hands and gently patting the toner into her skin allowing the toner to properly be absorbed leaving her with a nice glow. The goPure’s Hydrating Toner balances, protects from the elements and moisturizes the skin with ingredients like Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera that play a very important role in ‘pro aging’. Dawn believes in aging healthily, beautifully and feeling great about ourselves most importantly.

Apply A Hyaluronic Acid Serum. When it comes to using goPure’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Dawn reminds us that with using just a little, this product goes a long way. She suggests applying a couple drops of serum then gently massaging the product onto the face. Using Hyaluronic Acid will leave your skin feeling soft and incredibly moisturized. For better absorption Dawn also recommends using a jade roller for a better application and deeper penetration.




Using a Jade Roller. After applying the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, slowly move the jade roller across the face allowing the product to absorb properly and more effectively than when using your bare hands to apply. With the small area of the jade roller for sensitive skin around the eyes and narrow areas such as your ‘11’s’ and nose, you’ll then use the larger end to massage the cheeks and forehead stimulating the skin.




Wake Up Tired Eyes. Next is applying the Youth Glow Eye Gel. Apply gently with your ring fingers, carefully tapping the sensitive skin around the eyes. As we age, including during menopause many of us have difficulty sleeping leaving us with tired and puffy eyes. The brightening ingredients like plant stem cells, vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid will wake up the eyes by de-puffing leaving you with a glow.




The Vitamin C Cream Is Dessert For Your Skin. Using just a couple pumps of this deliciously yummy looking cream, then applying thoroughly will leave your skin looking and feeling very well hydrated. When applying the Vitamin C Cream gently pat the product in an upward motion starting from the décolleté making way up and gently around the eyes avoiding rubbing or pulling of the skin.





Always Wear Your SPF. Although goPure doesn’t have a spf in their line just yet, Dawn reminds all her beauties to always wear their SPF daily to protect their skin from premature aging. Look for a strong SPF with protection from UVA/UVB rays always remembering to reapply.




Never Go To Bed With Makeup On. When it comes to aging faster than you’d like, we must always remove our makeup before going to bed. If she has a number one tip on anti-aging, it’s having a clean face because those that continue to skip this step find it aging them “ten times faster than if you took all your makeup off.”



Invest In A Derma Roller. All dermal rollers aren’t created equal. Dawn suggests starting off small at the lowest point and building up in time. Begin by rolling your roller in a small amount of alcohol and with a clean and dry face slowly work your way from the jawline up avoiding the delicate area around your eyes. Using a derma roller properly can stimulate the skin and get the collagen working as well as open pores allowing for deeper penetration of the products. When it comes to her favorite ingredient to use after using the derma roller, Dawn’s favorite is the very strong and powerful Retinol.


Using A Retinol Serum After Rolling. Although she loves her retinol products after her derma roller there are some important tips she would like to remind us before attempting this ourselves… Never use the retinol products WITH the roller only AFTER to avoid potential skin irritations and sensitivities. When using retinols Dawn suggests limiting to only three days a week avoiding daytime use as retinol products tend to be powerful. Apply a couple drops remembering a little goes a long way and gently patting it onto the skin.




Finish Off With Creamy Retinol. Once the serum has dried Dawn finishes off by gently applying the powerful retinol cream from the décolleté and up avoiding rubbing or pulling of the skin. It’s suggested to use this cream three nights a week before bed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and Aloe in every jar, your skin will use those eight hours of sleep working on creating a healthier appearance.




Stress, lack of sleep, and not enough water are some factors that may be drying out our skin. The lighthearted Dawn Gallagher follows healthy lifestyle choices that she shares with us that work well for her and keeping her skin looking almost how it did in her earlier modeling days…

1. Meditate. A 10 minute meditation in the AM and also in the PM with diffusers filled with essential oils helping her body to relax.

2. Get A Massage. An important part of Dawn’s beauty regimen is self-massage with beautiful night time oils that her skin will absorb for additional moisture and for a better night of sleep.

3. Keep Moving. Keeping the oxygen and blood going walking the dog, running, jumping rope and even fun on the trampoline are some of her favorite activities to do to keep her skin healthy.

Want to learn more about specific products? Find detailed instructions online as well as included in your shipment orders.

The gorgeous Dawn Gallagher finds aging to be beautiful with a happy life being shown looking through the wrinkles with a twinkle in a person’s eye. She reminds us to be happy in our skin and taking the time embracing your beautiful self as you pro-age because “Girl, whatever you want to do, go for it!” is how Dawn sees the aging process but suggests that we follow her favorite way of growing older…gracefully

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