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10 Simple Ways To Clean Your Home Naturally

March 11, 2020 | BY Erin Driess

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person who would love to have a fridge stocked with healthy organic foods and use only natural cleaning products…but have you seen the price? I may not be the best with the organic foods as my boys are currently inhaling poptarts as we speak, but as for the creating my own products for natural ways to clean my home I always had avoided it with excuses: ‘I don’t have enough time to make it’, ‘It’s going to be so expensive to make my own’ or just ‘I’ll do it next time’. Knowing that my spoiled pup and my boys are home I feel safer when minimal chemicals are being used. I have included some of my favorite ways to clean your home safely and naturally while leaving it clean and environmentally friendly.


Between puppy noses on my glass door, toothpaste somehow always on the bathroom mirrors or whatever else pops up daily, this will easily wipe them all away. Find a spray bottle and add 1 ½ cups of water, 1 ½ cups white vinegar, 4 drops of dish detergent and some drops of your favorite essential oils. Shake well then begin to spray. This mixture will help bring out your inner Miss Hannagan and everything will shine like the top of the empire state building!





Compared to hardwood floors, rugs can trap bacteria, smells and whatever else stays absorbed. I keep a clean house but laying on the floor with my pup does make me wonder what is lingering even after I vacuum several times a week. To keep my pup away from toxic deodorizers, I begin mixing 1 cup baking soda, 20-30ish drops of essential oils and an optional trick you can do is add herbs that have been grinded and add the ingredients into a jar. Mix. Sprinkle on your carpets and allow it to soak for about 20 minutes then vacuum slowly.





At first I was skeptical but I was so wrong! This is an incredibly simple process and cleans great all while smelling good! Purchase some citrus fruits whether it’s grapefruits, lemons, oranges whatever you choose you will gather the citrus peels and place them in a jar with a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar/water mixture and allow it to sit sealed for two weeks. Once the all-purpose cleaner is ready, shake and begin to use. The citrus does truly help disguise the vinegar smell and the strength of the fragrance is up to you as the more citrus peels that are used will give a stronger aroma.




Oh boy, I have a very sensitive, hound dog nose that as soon as I step foot into a person’s home I can determine whether or not they have pets, even if they have dirty laundry. I try my best to rid my home from smells, but sometimes they appear. To prevent offensive odors, I like to use 1 tbsp baking soda and 2 cups of warm water. Shaking this until the baking soda is dissolved you will then add essential oils. Spray throughout your house, blankets, sofas etc...





As strange as it sounds, I love the smell of bleach. My mother raised me ‘if it doesn’t smell like bleach, it’s not clean’ and I have followed this saying ever since. When I wipe down things (well, mostly when my mother visits) I use bleach but knowing the possible dangers of skin burns, sinus issues and headaches, why bother? To avoid these side effects, I use this non toxic version by starting off using 1 cup of peroxide, 1 cup water, and 20ish drops of essential oils. Fill up a spray bottle and use daily. Ps: it’s great even with those with sensitive skin.







I can’t tell you how incredibly simple this trick is for cleaning your microwave…water and vinegar that’s it! My dear, dear family won’t cover their food while microwaving which is not only a huge pet peeve but why I do this practically daily. Add one cup of water and a cup of white vinegar in a microwave safe bowl for a few minutes. Allow to cool before attempting to remove. The moisture from the vinegar and water will cover the inside of the microwave softening any residue for easy wiping.






I use wipes frequently and the amount of money I’m throwing away was reason alone to try these. But once I learned these non toxic wipes worked so well, I didn’t mind how many were being used since they are REUSABLE and can be thrown in the wash! Find some old washcloths, or tshirts that can be cut into squares to gather in a large jar with a sealed lid. Adding 1 cup of water, ½ cup of rubbing alcohol, 2 tbsp of Dawn dish soap and you could add 2 tbsp of ammonia if you’d like…I personally don’t. I add about 20ish drops of essential oils and it’s ready to use!






Although it’s convenient having a garbage disposal, there are times when it can really smell. To help ensure your garbage disposal stays clean, try creating these ‘ice cubes’ and watch what a difference it makes. First get an ice cube tray (label it to avoid a not so tasty surprise!) Put 8 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. Next cut lemon rinds putting one in each section of the tray then pour in the liquid to freeze. Once the tray is ready, you will empty them down the garbage disposal while running water and with the garbage disposal turned on. I like to keep an extra tray in my freezer so it’s always ready to be used!





I found from working in spas the benefits of using essential oils in your every day life. I love having diffusers in my home rather than the automatic air fresheners that smell strong leaving our home with chemicals being sprayed into the air and those with allergies sneezing with every visit. Having a diffuser gently releases a lighter, not so invasive fragrance. Purchase a good oil diffuser and try some new scents that will leave your home smelling fresh and those with sensitive noses feeling pleased. Another reason why essential oils are my favorite? They benefit your mind, body and will purify the air…how could you go wrong?






There are many products out that help with the longevity and conditioning of your wooden pieces. What’s also included? Many harmful ingredients. A simple and effective solution? Coconut Oil. This is a staple in my home for cooking, beauty and cleaning. Try naturally conditioning wood by applying a dab and then buffing with a soft cloth. Breathe new life into your beloved furniture by leaving them shiny, conditioned and clean.

Check out some benefits of my favorite oils:

Frankincense: overall wellness and mood

Rosemary: disinfects bacteria

Sage: Deodorizes and relaxes


Now that you have learned some wonderful ways to clean your home naturally without the dangers of toxic chemicals, I hope you stick with a safe and natural cleaning routine. Whether you have kids, grandkids, pets or a husband who is pretty much an adult size child, these techniques will leave your home safe and free from possible harm from toxins. Enjoy and have fun trying these out!


About the author:


Stephanie Ivonne is a freelance writer and Licensed Esthetician and mother of 2.  She spends majority of her free time with her family and friends.  When she is not learning about Beauty and Wellness, Stephanie is a Florida girl and loves spending time doing Yoga, running 10ks, Snorkeling and her absolute favorite, Disney!

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